Description Designed from the ground up for extreme long range out to 4000 yards. The Cadex defence rifle is state of the art using proprietary chasis systems and the latest bolt action components. Cadex modern “tank” style muzzle break, round semi fluted barrel, 40 MOA top rail set in a V shaped bed on a fully module, tool free custom fit stock. Cheek riser, LOP and butt pad adjust to the users individual needs. 3 lug bolt with 60* throw, rounded knob and fully adjustable trigger for ease of use. Gun includes a Norwegian Ulfhednar shooting bag/mat, one mag, manuals and adjustment tools.
Condition: As New. No signs of any real use other than some powder residue on muzzle break. Some scuffs and storage marks on moving parts like the bi pod and magazine. Mechanically perfect. Bag has scuffs and wear from storage.
Barrel Length: 32″
Serial: 502A936
Manufacturer: Cadex Defence
Caliber: .375 Cheytac
Model: CDX-40 Shadow