Considered the worlds first practical production Sub Machine gun. The MP-18 was developed by a special team of technicians intended on developing a new full auto weapon for trench warfare. Used very late WWI, it proved to be very effective. This example was a post WWI Bergmann with a Haenel/Schmeisser conversion to the better suited 20 round box mags (and also the future 32rd MP38/MP40 mags). It also features a manual safety just behind the mag well. The magwell is marked “S.P.D” as well as having numerous Wiemar republic proof marks all around. Typically these SMG were used by police or other govt agencies until future versions (MP28,MP34 etc.) replaced them in WWII. When this gun made its way to the US sometime after WWII, it was registered with the NFA branch as a DEWAT (Deactivated War Trophy) and then again during the 1968 amnesty period. With that said, this is a dully licensed NFA weapon, currently free of tax to transfer to any individual via ATF Form 5. However, it can be legally REWATed (reactivated) to a fully transferable Machine Gun by either a ATF Form 1 or Form 2. Condition: Excellent as a DEWAT. The barrel at the breech is welded shut, receiver is welded to the barrel, and the bolt face has been ground down. With that said, it appears to be a parts matching gun via all of the serial number proofs. Bolt and action function freely and well. Stock has heavily field use. CLASS: DEWAT, Form 5 transfer, No tax