The Benjamin Bulldog .357 pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) Air Rifle is powered by high-pressure air stored in a reservoir within the gun. With PCP airguns there is no need to pump the gun after every shot, the user can continue shooting until the reservoir needs to be refilled. A gauge embedded in the gun’s stock tracks pressure. A 5-round, revolving magazine provides fast shooting and quick reloading. The Bulldog Air Rifle propels a 145-grain NOSLER lead bullet up to 800 fps, making it capable of predator hunting, hog hunting, and major pest control. A 2-stage trigger allows for precision shooting, and an internal shroud makes this PCP Air Rifle very quiet. The Benjamin Bulldog .357 PCP Air Rifle comes with a rifled steel barrel, a bullpup-style synthetic stock with 26″ Picatinny rail on top, and 5″ of rail on the bottom.

Condition: New in box condition.