Description Belgian Percussion Blunderbuss with a 2″ bore diameter at the flared muzzle and a 20″ round to octagonal iron barrel. The barrel is stamped “E / LG / Star” inside of an oval on top and just forward of the rear tang. The firearm is void of any other visible markings. The stock with two iron thimbles and stag tipped ramrod shows worn diamond checkering on the grip and floral carving rear of the grip and on the left side of the buttstock. There is an unmarked metal shield embedded just rear of the top tang. Antique.

Condition: Very Good condition with a dark but clear bore. The action functions properly. The nipple looks to be a newer replacement. The front trigger guard screw is a modern replacement. There is just a very slight surface crack behind the top tang and a larger crack on the left side between the barrel and lock plate screw.
Barrel Length: 20″
Serial: NVSN
Manufacturer: Belgium
Model: Blunderbuss