This lot is for two British helmets. The first is a 1916-1917 proofed “H.V.” made by “Hutton & Sons LTD of Sheffield” with the steel coming from “Vickers LTD of Sheffield”. This helmet has a leather chin strap that is dry with light cracking and no headliner. The helmet has scuffs and light scratches with a touch of metal oxidation. The front of the helmet has a insignia of a tree. The second is a Brodie made between 1916-1918 proofed FS. steel made by “Thomas Firth & Sons LTD of Sheffield”. This helmet has the chin strap and leather headliner. The headliner is not attached inside helmet and floats inside. The chin strap is dry and cracking but complete and functional. The helmet has scuffs, scratches, light metal oxidation and dings throughout. This helmet has a front insignia of a person and the number “101” above.