Where Did All the Good Guns Go? These Connecticut Boys Know

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The classic, great guns of history are becoming harder to find – unless you know where to look. Inexpensive, low-quality firearms…

The classic, great guns of history are becoming harder to find – unless you know where to look. Inexpensive, low-quality firearms flood the shelves of gun stores, but they don’t make’em like they use to. Tom Selmont and Ryan Brechlin opened CT Firearms Auction in 2017 to offer a new solution for collectors, enthusiasts, and owners to buy and sell old, great guns. Today, CT Firearms Auction is the premier gun auction in Connecticut.

Where to Find the Classic Firearms of WWI, WWII, and More

CT Firearms Auction is located minutes from the firearm capital of America, Hartford, Connecticut. Owners, Tom Selmont and Ryan Brechlin knew that they were going into a tough business in 2016, and through the face of adversity in the ever-changing gun-market, CT Firearms Auction has successfully found homes for thousands of classic and antique firearms, to date. It goes without saying, that these two Connecticut boys know how to pick’em. If classic firearms are what you’re after, there is no better authorities in New England than Selmont and Brechlin.

Tom Selmont, Firearms Expert

Tom Selmont is a Firearms Specialist and co-owner of CT Firearms Auction. Tom is a lifelong Connecticut native with a decade of gun sales and acquisition expertise. At CT Firearms Auction, you’ll find Tom deep in research on rare guns, scouring estate sales, or getting his hands dirty on the workbench. 

Tom works directly with customers and the firearms they are consigning, or for which they search. Customers come to Tom for a vast array of reasons, and with different backgrounds. And, Tom assists them in navigating the firearms industry. 

“Ultimately – regardless of the industry – being at the cutting-edge is essential for a business to survive and thrive. In the long run, it’s about staying ahead of the game by being innovative to offer a better customer experience.”

Locals know Tom as “The Professional Gun Guy.” He makes it a point to meet every individual who consigns with CT Firearms Auction. Tom strives to provide everyone who comes into CT Firearms Auction with professional guidance and advice they can trust. 

Tom is a lifelong entrepreneur, inventor, and holds multiple US patents. When Tom was 17 years old, he opened his first business, T&T Pools. Before the founding of CT Firearms Auction in 2017, Tom founded TSEL Group in 2007 and CT Gun Broker in 2015. 

Tom Selmont’s experience as a firearm’s expert capstones a lifelong passion for hunting in New England’s great outdoors. Tom loves a treasure hunt and finding value in unexpected places. Whether digging through estate sales to find the right piece for a collector or going into the Maine wilderness, hundreds of miles from civilization – Tom is a hunter. 

Mechanical engineering and history have interested Tom since his childhood. Tom pursued his interests through Yale University open course study, and, later in local politics. And, for a decade, Tom served his community as a first-responder and firefighter. 

Tom served for a decade as a firefighter for the West Ridge Fire Association in North Haven and also worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for Nelson Ambulance. Today, Tom is a locally elected Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the Town of Cheshire, CT. 

A spirit of exploration drives Tom to be on the cutting-edge of innovation at CT Firearms Auction. Innovation is at the heart of Tom’s success as an entrepreneur and publicly entrusted official. But, his wife, Sandy, and three children are at the heart of it all. He looks forward to his daughter’s Allie and Cali, and his son Theodore to joining him in the field!

Ryan Brechlin, Auction Director

Ryan Brechlin Head AuctioneerRyan Brechlin is an Auctioneer, Appraiser, and Estate Consultant. With over 20-years of experience auctioneering in Connecticut, Ryan oversees all auction activities. As co-owner of Connecticut Firearms Auction, Ryan oversees general appraisals and auction officiation.

Each day, Ryan works to make CT Firearms Auction a solution for clients in need of help. As a lifelong collector, Ryan believes in the value of finding a good home for guns. In an industry saturated with enthusiasts and amateurs, Ryan is the professional.

“The gun auction industry is growing. There’s a lot of demand, and meeting that demand requires good service. As an independent auction company, we are focused on being honest, competitive, and professional.”

Ryan grew up in Meriden, Connecticut, but spent as much time as possible in the Maine wilderness. As a boy scout, Ryan developed a passion for fishing, backpacking, canoeing, and target shooting. To this day, Ryan credits his respect for firearm safety to his early days in the boy scouts. Today, you’ll find Ryan out fly fishing, hunting and exploring the wilderness whenever time affords. 

After high school, Ryan studied at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. While working in rock radio, Ryan’s father: Carl Brechlin started Nest Egg Auctions. When he wasn’t at concerts or on-the-air, Ryan was picking barns for antiques, scouring estate sales, and loading trucks for the family business. He maintains the spirit of finding estate treasures as a buyer and broker.

By the mid-2000s, Nestegg Auctions was growing and was handling firearms with more frequency. After the passing of his father, in 2008, Ryan became lead auctioneer at Nest Egg Auctions and continues in the position to this day.

In 2016, Ryan made the acquaintance of Tom Selmont while working together on an estate involving a large collection of firearms. Ryan is the auction authority, having officiated over 500 career auctions, while Tom Selmont is the firearms expert. In 2017, they combined their expertise to open Connecticut’s premier gun auction house – CT Firearms Auction.

Ryan sees a need for common sense conversations in the gun industry and seeks to provide the professional guidance that people need when selling guns. Ryan’s vision for Connecticut Firearms Auction is to bring new technology and modern methods to the time-tested auction process. In an industry with a growing demand for rare and out-of-production firearms, Ryan is dedicated to finding a good home for every gun.

CT Firearms Auction is an American firearms auction with a global reach – buying and selling used guns, estate firearm collections, antique guns, and modern firearms.

If you would like more information on CT Firearms Auction, please call Ryan Brechlin at (203) 710-0189, or email info@ctfirearmsauction.com.