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Selling Gun Collections in Connecticut Can Be Burdensome, But There Is An Easier Way

Connecticut is known as the cradle of the American gun industry, but still has some of the nation’s most stringent laws when it comes to buying and selling guns. Selling a gun collection in Connecticut is complicated.

How do you sell a gun collection in Connecticut?

If you are from Connecticut and want to sell your gun collection, CT Firearms Auction can help. CT Firearms Auction is based in Connecticut and has a Federal Firearms License to buy and sell handguns and long guns, so we know how to follow Connecticut and federal laws. We have extensive experience in buying gun collections from private collections and estates throughout the country. We are interested in talking to anyone selling gun collections in Connecticut.

Be aware of strict State & federal laws

The state of Connecticut requires the seller of any pistol or revolver to contact the state Special Licensing and Firearms Unit to obtain an authorization for the sale and obtain an authorization number. The number must be added to state forms filled out by the prospective purchaser. The seller must keep a copy of the sales document for 20 years, submit a copy to the local police department where the buyer lives and submit a copy to the commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

The person buying the gun must obtain a pistol permit from their local police department, but they must first complete an approved pistol training course, which lasts about eight hours and includes both classroom instruction and handling and firing guns on a range. They also must pass a state background check and fingerprinting.

For rifles and shotguns, the seller has to go through a similar process and must make sure the buyer has a valid long gun eligibility certificate, a valid permit to carry a pistol or revolver  issued pursuant to subsection 9 (b) of section 29-28, a valid permit to sell at retail a pistol or revolver issued pursuant to subsection (2) of section 29-28 or a valid eligibility certificate for a pistol or revolver issued pursuant to section 29-36f.

The seller is not allowed to sell to anyone under the age of 18 or anyone prohibited from possessing firearms.

Federal law specifies a list of felony convictions that prohibit some from obtaining a permit. In addition, Connecticut law specifies 11 misdemeanor convictions that bars someone from obtaining a permit. The law states that anyone who knowingly sells a firearm to anyone restricted by law will be held responsible for any repercussions.

There is an easier way

Those laws are why inheriting a gun collection as part of an estate can be overwhelming in Connecticut. CT Firearms Auction can guide you through the process of selling the collection.

Auctions often are the best place to sell inherited firearms. Gun collectors come to auctions, looking for rare, interesting and valuable firearms. Many firearms sold at auction are part of an inheritance or personal collection. 

Firearm auctions enable sellers to get the best price for their guns. Instead of haggling with the retail dealer, auction houses appraise the value for a starting bid. From there, it is worth whatever a collector is willing to pay. Auction houses take a simple commission. Beware of hidden fees. 

If you are interested in selling your gun collection in Connecticut, please contact the experts at CT Firearms Auction.

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Home > Selling Gun Collections in Connecticut Can Be Burdensome, But There Is An Easier Way
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