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You can buy and sell guns of all kinds – of all ages – and anything related. Buyers get a fair and clean transaction, and sellers get the best possible market price. Every gun sold through CT Firearms Auction is evaluated and assessed by resident certified firearms experts and Auction Master to determine the starting price at auction. When you buy or sell through CT Firearms Auction you can expect a professional and honest transaction.

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An Intro To Buying Your First Gun At Auction

If you’ve never purchased a firearm through and auction before, don’t worry. It is easy. In the video below, we break down the process for you and answer your questions.

Do auctions take place in-person or online?

The answer – to both, is yes. The vast majority of buyers place bids in real-time, either online or by phone. Our Auctions are open to the public and we welcome all eligible buyers.

What to do before you bid

Before you can bid on auction items – online or in-person – you must register for the auction. Once registered, you can bid on lot items before the auction begins, and during the live auction.

DO I need a permit or license?

The short answer is no – There are no special permits required to buy firearm accessories, historical relics, antique guns, war memorabilia, or any other non-firearm auction item. Buyers must be 18 years of age in order to participate in any auction.

In regards to bidding on a firearm – you do not need any special licenses or gun permits to bid – but the ultimate answer depends on where you are having the gun shipped. There are 50 states in the United States of America – which means, 50 different sets of gun laws. International buyers must review the import and export laws pertaining to any auction purchases.

Modern guns (as classified by the ATF) being shipped within the United States, must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). This could be a traditional retail store, a pawnbroker, or an individual with an FFL. Since each state has different gun laws, when picking up your firearm from an FFL-holding entity you must adhere to your local and state laws concerning firearm sales/transfer. You may win a gun at auction that the FFL holder cannot fulfill in transferring to you because of legal restrictions in YOUR State. Learn about the gun laws for each state to find out what restrictions apply in your location.

You Can Bid Before the Auction Starts

You can submit your bid at any point before the auction begins. Bids can be submitted over the phone, by absentee on paper, or by email, bid online-absentee, place a pre-bid and bid in real-time online or in-person at the live auction.

How does the bidding process work?

Buyers must first register for the auction. Registration is available through our bidding portals, on our website, over the phone and by e-mail. You can then place bids in-person, online, over the phone, or absentee. Once the auction begins, live bidding takes place from an online portal, over the phone, and in-person.

Once the auction starts you can bid in person or online

In-person bidders can sit in the Auction house to view items and bid in real-time. Auction bidders are given a bidder number. As the Auctioneer calls for bids, you can bid by placing your number in the air or pressing the bid button in your bidding console.

The majority of buyers place their bids through an online bidding portal. The biggest difference between bidding in-person, and bidding from an online portal is you can do the latter in your pajamas. Online bidding takes place in real-time with in-person bidders.

View The Items Before The Auction Begins

Every item that is up for auction can be viewed before the auction begins. Check out all the guns and items up for auction coming up next.

How do I collect the items I win at auction?

After winning an item, you will be contacted by CT Firearms Auction to begin the order fulfillment process. Invoices are usually sent within a few days of the auction. Local buyers can schedule a pickup appointment. If you are a winning bidder, complete instructions for submitting your documents and making payment are included with your invoice. Once we have payment and any required documents, your items will ship.


You can pay by cash, credit card, money order, check, or wire transfer.

We Stand Behind Our Items

All items sold through CT Firearms Auction are fully insured in the event of damage upon order fulfillment. If there is a problem with an item you receive, CT Firearms Auction is dedicated to providing buyers and sellers with an honest and transparent auction experience. Please contact us directly to reconcile any item you win at auction that arrived damaged.

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