Description This lot is for three different calibers unfired ammunition. The first is two boxes of Remington .223 55 grain. Ninety one rounds total in two boxes. The second is a partial box of .30 carbine, 110 grain soft point. Thirty six total rounds. The third is four boxes of Winchester three full boxes of 230 grain personal protection. Fifty rounds in each box for a total of one hundred and fifty rounds. The last box is Winchester Western .45 Automatic 185 grain silvertip hollow point. Eight rounds total left in box. No FFL required and ships to most buyers homes.
Condition: New unfired ammunition. 158 rounds of Winchester .45. 36 Rounds of .30 Carbine. Ninety one rounds of .223.
Manufacturer: Remington Winchester
Caliber: .223 .45 .30 Carbine