Limited run of Winchester Model 12’s that were made in Japan by Miroku during the early 90’s. This 20ga sports a 26″ Vent rib barrel with a single brass bead front sight. Deep blue glossy finish on barrel, receiver, and grip cap. Improved Cylinder fixed choke. Pistol grip stock and forend is of good cut and fancy with matte finish. Butt has serrated black plate. Condition: Excellent, near new. Only a couple of blems on the stock and receiver. Mechanically excellent. Bore Diameter @ 6″ from muzzle .614 LOP @ Heel= 14 1/8″ LOP @ Toe= 14 7/16″ Choke= .607 = Imp Cyl Drop @ Comb = 1 1/2″ Drop @ Heel = 2 1/2″ Weight= 7.0 lbs Cast Neutral