This Winchester M1917 Enfield bolt action rifle has been sporterized. It has a 23″ barrel and capacity for 6 rounds. The P17 was commonly used by the American Expeditionary Forces during WW1. This rifle has been modified to shoot .338 Winchester and has a checkered hardwood stock. The rifle is in good condition with field wear on the receiver. The top of the barrel is inscribed “VWGROOM”, presumably the gunsmith who sporterized it. The barrel has some friction wear on the muzzle.The stock has a chip on the top of the pistol grip behind the bolt. The butt plate is in excellent condition with no chips. The gun has mounting holes for optics. Serial number: 81148 *C&R Eligible
USED 81148, Caliber: 0.338, Model: M1917, Year(Range): 1917