Winchester Model 94 in .32 W.S. with a 20″ barrel. Circa 1899. The hardwood stock is in fair condition with moderate surface wear. No deep chips or cracks throughout. The front grip has moderate wear with no deep chips or cracks. Barrel, sights, receiver and lever all appear to have some old professional partial (or possibly total) re-bluing. It was initially missed because the quality of work is excellent and the it was done a long time ago. There is also some wear to the finish in places, along with patina settled into low spots, plus light field marks and shallow scratches. Possibly replacement sights. Butt plate looks replaced / re-blued. Smooth action. serial number: 154916 * C&R Eligible
USED 20″, Serial: 154916, Make: WINCHESTER, Year: 1899, Caliber: .32 WS, Model: 94