Two Lefaucheux Pinfire type revolvers, one made in Belgium with appropriate “E/L/G” proof marks. The other made in St Etienne France. Quality and craftsmanship is remarkable and make quite the conversation piece. The Belgian revolver is beautifully engraved and adorn with gold accents. Engraved Thermoplastic is unique innovative for age of gun.The St Etienne is essentially a parts gun although it has serious potential to be restored to firing condition.

Belgium gun is highly functional cosmetically appropriate for age. Worn but not bad. Engraving and detail makes the piece. 
French gun is almost complete and needs help internally. Finish is stripped.

*Antique, No FFL needed
Make: Lefaucheux Patented
Condition: Good
Barrel Length: 3 3/4″
Model: Belgian & French Lefaucheux
Year – Range: 1832 – 1860
Caliber: Unknown
Serial #: None