Tula factory Mosin Nagant M91/30 in 7.62x54R with a internal magazine capacity of five rounds and a 29″ barrel. Manufactured in Russia at the Tula Arsenal. Covered in cosmoline grease. Wood stock with damage to the heel, scuffs, dings and small scratches throughout. Metal butt plate, touches of metal oxidation and light wear. Bolt and receiver have light scuffs and scratches otherwise very clean. All part with matching serial numbers, except bayonet. Trigger and magazine box assembly, a few small scuffs and dings. Rear adjustable sight in excellent functioning condition. Hooded front sight and barrel, small scratches and wear. Rifled bore has a grain to it. Tight bolt action and crisp trigger pull. Comes with a bayonet with a different serial number, wrapped in paper and cosmoline grease in excellent unused condition. All parts except bayonet marked “3548” Right side receiver marked “U” “10”. Left side “K”. Top of receiver Russian Sickle and hammer, arrow in triangle, “1942” “3548”. Top of butt stock marked “2”. Imported by C.A.I. Georgia Vermont. This bolt action rifle must ship to a FFL or C&R holder. This item has oversized shipping charges due to its overall length.