Not very well known is the fact that there were only about 500 TRI-C guns ever made. It is by all standards a very rare rifle and quite frankly a little underrated considering the innovations presented for its time. This is a TRI-C Fox Carbine which fires from an open bolt with a fixed firing pin and is outfitted with the desirable 9mm conversion kit. This example is numbered towards the tail end of the TRI-C days with a serial of 000480. This example is numbered on the casting only. Through the years you will find some numbered on the casting, some numbered on the trigger pack and some numbered on both. This is setup with a newly manufactured 9mm bolt from with an original extractor… one of the most common parts to go missing besides the grips. It is outfitted with a new, Delrin buffer, also available from and made to the specifications of the original print. This setup is with the 9mm conversion which included the 9mm barrel, 9mm bolt head as mentioned and an original magazine well insert which allows the use of good old Sten gun magazines. MUST SHIP TO FFL

Condition: This is in Excellent condition with just a few scattered marks from handling. The bore is a mirror with crisp rifling. All parts with the exception of the new bolt head are original and correct for a TRI-C manufactured gun.