Description This lot is for three assorted blades. The first is a French Gas Bayonet and scabbard marked 1880. The blade measures 20.5″ and the whole bayonet with metal scabbard measures in at 26″. Brass pommel and wood grips. The second is a 1860 Pattern U.S. Calvary saber and scabbard unmarked. The sword blade measures 34.5″ and the overall length with scabbard is 42.5″. Leather and brass bound grip. Brass plated copper hand guard. Marked on the guard “18”. The third is U.S. a 1902 pattern Cavalry Saber, Spartan Trademark with scabbard. The blade measures 32.5″ and the overall length with scabbard is 39″. Comes with a leather Portepee. No FFL required and ships to buyers home.
Condition: Good/Very good with finish wear/loss and metal oxidation.
Manufacturer: Spartan Trademark France
Model: Calvary Sword French Bayonet