Description Springfield M1 Garand Tanker semi auto rifle chambered in .30-06. This example with serial number 495296 and dating to February 1942 has been reconfigured as a “Tanker” with an 18″ barrel. The barrel is marked SA 1945, bolt is SA, FCG is SA with milled trigger guard and modified operating rod is marked SA. The stock has been sanded and has a crude rack number at the bottom of the grip. The muzzle gauges a 0 and the throat gauges a 4. Included is a period web sling. Ships to FFL/C&R.
Condition: Overall condition rates Very Good with scattered marks on the stocks from handling. The bore has some dark streaks in the grooves which may clean up. The rifling is sharp is bright with sharp and the action functions as expected.
Barrel Length: 18″
Serial: 495296
Manufacturer: Springfield
Year: 1942
Caliber: .30-06
Model: M1 Garand