Less than 5,000 of the 1898 Carbine produced, the serial number (120020) is perfectly in range, early. The left side of the receiver is marked: “U.S. / MODEL 1898. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 120020” in two lines. The left stock wrist is missing the stamp with the inspectors initials in a rectangle and the sling bar. A circled, script “P” proofmark is stamped behind the trigger guard. A “M” is stamped just ahead of the circled “P” or behind the trigger. This gun has all correct sights, appropriately marked “C” in all areas that should have it and follows Brophy’s guide for type 3 configuration during re-ordnance except for the “Humped” wood handguard. The finish on the wood is excellent and does not appear to be refinished or cartouches scrubbed

This carbine appears to have had the following arsenal up-grades: (1) replacement M1899 pattern stock with longer forearm and no provision for sling bar, (2) Model 1901 Carbine rear sight and (3) Model 1898 Rifle pattern hand guard without sight protector hump.

We feel 1 of 2 things may have happened to this piece. 1) it is a unique gun/configuration, we find this possible as it may have been sent back to Springfield early on do to the common breakage of the stock. The 1901 Carbine sight would typically have the “hump” wood forearm OR  2) the rear sight / wood forearm was replaced with correct original pieces.

Aside from the above notes, it is in Antique Grade excellent. Bluing is greater than 80% with only some patina development on the left side of the receiver, top of bolt is worn with old pitting. The stock is in excellent condition with only minor handling marks and impressions from storage. Butt plate is scratched, compartment is missing the cleaning rod.

*C&R Eligible
Make: Springfield Armory
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1898
Barrel Length: 22″
Model: 1898 Carbine
Caliber: .30-40 Krag
Stock Material: Solid Wood
Serial #: 120020