This 1884 Springfield Trap Door appears matching and original. Inspector mark “SWP” over “1888” makes this a late production gun. The lock plate is stamped with the Eagle and shield motif followed by “U.S./SPRINGFIELD” in two lines. The top of the breechblock is marked: “U.S./MODEL/1884” in three lines. The left side of the barrel is stamped with the Ordnance “V/P/ Eagle Head/P” proof and inspection marks just ahead of the receiver. The rifle has the correct Buffington rear sight that is adjustable for windage and elevation, and the leaf of the sight is stamped with an “R” (rifle). It is fitted with the correct low arch breechblock, three-click tumbler and grooved trigger. The heel of the buttplate is stamped with a “U.S.”. A encircled “P” proof mark on the underside of the stock behind the trigger guard.

Fair Antique, cracked stock at the wrist. The blued barrel, bands, lock plate, hammer, trigger guard and buttplate are free of rust and have turned to a deep brown patina. The breech block and barrel tang have a mottled casehardened finish. Bore was inspected and checks out good. No pitting, rifling is sharp. 

*C&R Eligible
Make: Springfield
Condition: Fair
Year: 1888
Barrel Length: 32.5″
Model: 1884 Trap Door
Caliber: .45-70
Serial #: 422427