Description This lot is for three long guns. The first is a J.C Higgins Model 41 in .22 Short, Long and Long Rifle with a single round capacity and a 22″ barrel. Smooth wood stock and front forend. Composite guard. Serrated trigger. Blued receiver and barrel. Rear adjustable and front fixed blade sight. The second is a Savage Model 24 rifle shotgun combo in .22 Long Rifle with a .410 gauge barrel. Over under barrel in 24″ with a single round .22 or .410 shell. Smooth wood stock and front forend. Case colored receiver. Blued trigger, serrated hammer and barrels. Rear adjustable and front fixed blade sight. The third is a Fox B in 20 gauge with a two round capacity and SxS 28″ double barrels. The left barrel has a FULL and the right a MOD fixed choke. Checkered butt stock and front foregrip. Blued trigger guard and double barrels. Unfinished double triggers. Case colored receiver. Must ship to a C&R or FFL holder.
Condition: Good/very good with finish wear/loss and metal oxidation. Clean smooth bores on the shotgun barrels and clean rifled bores on the .22 barrels. The model 41 is missing the rear sight wedge and has reflective tape around the stock.
Barrel Length: 22″ 24″ 28″
Serial: NVSN
Manufacturer: J.C Higgins Savage Fox
Gauge: 20 410
Caliber: .22 S L LR
Model: 41 24 Fox B
Year-Range 1930-1972