Salient Arms International 18″ Vent Rib Tactical package for your M2 Benelli Shotgun. Salient Arms takes a stock M2 Benelli, well built on its own, and then completely enhances it with a full complement of add on and replacement performance parts. The SAI Tactical package with porting includes the following upgrades: shortened to 18″ – re-choked to accept Carlson’s Tru Chokes, S-porting, Custom Lighten & TiN (Titanium Nitride) coated Bolt Carrier, Trigger Tuned with approximately 3lbs taken off factory trigger, Receiver loading port has been machined and polished for faster reloading., Extractor and Barrel modifications to help to prevent jams, SAI Tuned Benelli Lifter/Shell Carrier, Tune and polished shell catch and carrier latch, SAI forearm stippling and straight stock stippling, Recoil Pad modified (eliminates snagging on clothing), Salient upgraded Safety – To improve engagement from Safe to Fire positions, SAI Oversized Bolt Release, SAI Custom Charging Handle, Nordic Extended magazine tube, clamp, and tuned spring to bring your capacity to 7+1+1, Hi Viz Fiber Optic Front Sight Set. Must Ship to FFL

Condition: Excellent in original box. Gun has stray handling and storage marks, scuffs etc around, some nicks in the finish but nothing major. Function, action and bore are excellent, like new.