A well-kept and historically significant Remington model 1875 single action army chambered in .44 Remington. This is an early nickel plated example stamped with serial number 708. The Remington Model 1875 also known as the Improved Army or Frontier Revolver was produced from 1874-1888. There were only approximately 30,000 of these pistols made which were to compete with the Colt SAA. Unfortunately the 1875 arrived on the scene a little late as Colt had already secured contracts and market share. ANTIQUE. This is the 7-1/2″ barrel model with wood grips. With a The Remington Model 1875 “Improved Army or Frontier Revolver” was produced from 1874-1888, with the model first appearing in the 1875 Remington catalog. 1885 and later Remington catalogs described the Model 1875 as the “New Model Army,” rather than the “Improved Army.” Antique, Ships direct to buyers home

Condition: This rates in NRA Excellent condition retaining conservatively 90% of its original plating with just a few spots and mild scratches. The grips are in very good condition with no cracks and just some minor marks from handling. The bore still has a hint of shine, strong rifling and some light even crazing throughout. The action works as expected and the lockup is tight with just the slightest play in the cylinder.