Description Numbers matching on all visible parts. MP38 kit marked “1940”/”27″/”M.P. 38″. Code “27” is an early war designation for Erma factory. MP 38 were quickly phased out in 1940 for the MP40 due to manufacturing process. Everything is included as seen in pictures. it appears the only thing missing is the receiver and the rear sight. Barrel rifling is sharp and in good condition. Black stock has crack on underside but does not appear to be structural, see pictures. Bolt face and firing pin look good with some wear. Alloy frame has battle scars as does the entire gun from war use. Ships directly to home, not a controlled item.
Barrel Length: 10″
Serial: 3003a
Manufacturer: Erma Werke
Year: 1940
Caliber: 9mm
Model: M.P. 38