This lot is for three Original German marked MP 38 / 40 magazines with a thirty two round “HIGH CAPACITY” in 9mm and the German pouch. The pouch is marked on the back “MP 38 40 JSD 1941” a small Eagle proof on the leather belt loop. Three blued, ribbed German thirty two round capacity removable magazines. Marked “Kur 42 WaA 815 WaA 815 with two Eagle proofs above that, 32 M.P. 38u. 40”. Very bottom left side of the magazine floor a small boxed in T shaped proof mark. Check local/State laws on “HIGH CAPACITY” Magazines before bidding. No license required in most areas and ships to buyers home.

Condition: Very good with scuffs, scratches, finish wear and touches of metal oxidation. One of the leather straps to secure the magazine down is broken.