Massachusetts Arms Company model Smith Carbine in a single shot .50 SMITH with a 21.5″ barrel. These breach loading cavalry carbines were manufactured between 1861 and 1865 and about 30,062 units were made by a few different companies. This one was made by “Mass Arms Co.” and sold by “Poultney & Trimele” out of Baltimore U.S.A. marked on the left of receiver. Metal butt plate with heavy wear and metal oxidation. Wood butt stock, heavy wear and a few cracks, large chips where the receiver meets the wood. Trigger and guard are missing a set screw on the stock with heavy metal oxidation. Mechanics of rifle not working. Saddle ring receiver, moderate metal oxidation and the hammer has been broken off. Break action is working and the rifle opens and closes with the button above trigger. Hardwood foregrip has heavy wear, chips and scratches. Rear sight flips up and is covered in metal oxidation. Barrel, heavy metal pitting and oxidation throughout. Rifled bore has a moderate grain to it, rifling is still visible. This breach loading single shot rifle is an “Antique” and ships direct to buyers home no FFL needed. SOLD AS-IS