Relic Condition, Estate-Found and fresh to market. Breech-loading Musket or percussion rifle. (non pill primer version). Likely a later model assembled from parts from the first and second models. “Pregnant” Frame with engraved and barely visible marks: Patent 1849, DIXON AGENT, NEW YORK. Bottom Tang Marked VIII, V and K. Trigger ring marked V left side. Pin above breech not present, Barrel Marked K near breech, No marks visible to butt plate or stock. Fixed short front blade sight, fixed rear sight. Barrel is 25: muzzle to receiver. Rifle is as-found and would grade poor for parts or restoration. Numerous travel marks, tool marks, hammer dings, rust, and areas of heavy pitting on the barrel and top of receiver. Barrel may be cut down. Stock is broken and poorly fixed with old wood screws. Screws are bunged and worn. miraculously, the lock, trigger and hammer function. The tube below the barrel is dented and completely pushed in on the right side near the breech. This musket is considered an “Antique” ships direct to buyers home. No FFL required.