WWII Ithaca Gun Co Inc Ithaca NY, 5″ 1911 Pistol in 45ACP with one unmarked magazine. Frame bears the FJA Inspector Mark, P next to magazine release, weak Armory Mark on Right side, UNITED STATES PROPERTY and M 1911 US ARMY frame marks along with the number 7 next to trigger guard. Inside of frame has the flaming bomb stamp. Top of Slide stamped P. Barrel Marked HS and P. Bakelite Grips. Easy to grade a Very Good+ with Excellent Function, and only minor finish wear including a take-down scratch, some muzzle wear, light contact marks, and a bit of thinning and contact marks on the slide. Bore shows light pitting one the breech end, and some scattered freckles as you move toward the muzzle. The rifling is not perfect, but still appears sharp to the naked eye. Serial Number in the Duplicate range for Colt, Dates to 1943. *C&R ELIGIBLE