This is a Hungarian AMP-69 Grenade Launching Semi Auto AK type pre-89 rifle with the base being the AMD 63/65 platform built on a FEG SA 85M receiver by FEG / Kassnar Imports Inc. Typically these came in as Post Sample Machine guns by TGI of Tennessee however it is believed that these Semi Auto copies were imported directly by Kassnar before they went out of business in March 1989. All of the marked parts match the original serial number “KP 1801” as seen on the dust cover except for the scope and scope mount. The design was built specifically for grenade launch use with reciprocating forearm and collapsible, spring loaded butt stock, a special gas block with lever for modifying gas volume for grenade or rifle round use, a fully rifled barrel with a special muzzle extension attachment for redirecting gas to propel a grenade round, a special optic mounting rail and low power optic designed for launching grenades up to 400 meters. Must Ship to FFL, Check local laws regarding “Assault Weapons” BEFORE bidding. Pre 1989

Condition: This rifle is in Excellent condition and shows little to no signs of actual use. The bore is a mirror with crisp rifling. The stocks have some very minor marks from handling and the reciprocating components show a bit of finish loss due to standard wear.