Description Exceptionally rare and unique with only a hand full ever being imported to the USA. Developed in response to the Munich Olympic massacre, the Heckler & Koch PSG1 was designed and built for service in police SWAT teams as a dedicated sniper rifle. Mechanically based on the H&K G3 / 91 it boast significant improvements over an off the shelf battle rifle to guarantee a better than 1 MOA accuracy with match ammunition. Reinforced receiver sides, adjustable and removable trigger pack, adjustable palm shelf, adjustable buttstock (cheek and LOP), low noise bolt closing mechanism to name a few of the unique features of the PSG1 in addition to the match grade heavy barrel and matched non rollered bolt. Hensoldt 6A-42 scope with illuminated reticle mounted on top. Included in its custom fitted case with five 5rd and one 20 round mags, Test target, scope, specially built factory tripod, bipod, sling, batteries.
Condition: Excellent+ all around. Finish is 98% with only the lightest blems. Mechanically excellent. Glass is clear, reticle sharp and adjustment knobs smooth. Illuminated reticle was tested and functions. All mechanical features (stock, trigger, tripod, etc.) work like new.
Barrel Length: 26″
Serial: 441918
Manufacturer: HK
Year: 1995
Caliber: 7.62x51mm
Model: PSG-1