Model 1842 Percussion Pistol with 8.5″ barrel.  The barrel, lock plate, hammer and ramrod have a mottled brown patina, The barrel band and backstrap, and buttcap are brass with old brown patina. The lock plate is marked: MIDDTN/CONN. 1850 (Henry Aston of Middletown, Connecticut)  behind the hammer and U.S. H.ASTON” in front. The barrel tang is dated 1846. The top of the barrel is stamped: US JCB. Small “H” sub-inspectors mark is stamped on the brass in two places. Illegible script initials and WAT Ordnance inspection marks are stamped on the stock. Bore is dark brown, light rust, hammer screw is bunged. hammer tang is broken, and the beginning of a custom replacement will be included with this lot. This pistol is accompanied by an original period Civil War Union Army Powder flask with varied patina.

*Antique, No FFL needed