Description This lot is for three Converted flintlock muskets. The first is a R.S. Clark smoothbore musket out of London that has a bore diameter of 16.50mm with a 43″ barrel. The second is a Ferd Fruwirth Austrian cap and ball muzzle loading rifle with a bore diameter of 18.50mm with a 33″ barrel. The third is a Lacy & Co London .75 Brown Bess converted flintlock musket bore diameter 19.50mm with a 39″ barrel, cut down stock, refinished, modified, etc. Antique, Black Powder, No FFL required and ships to buyers home.
Condition: Heavy finish wear/loss, broken parts and metal oxidation. The Ferd is a rifled bore. The others are smooth bores. All with light grain. Sold AS-IS.
Barrel Length: 43″ 39″ 33″
Serial: NVSN
Manufacturer: Lacy & Co R.S. Clark
Model: Muzzleloader