Description German Sturmgewehr 44 de-milled parts kit in 7.92x33mm Kurz which is 8mm with one thirty round removable magazine and a 16.5″ barrel. Serrated butt wood stock with empty cleaning kit door. Serrated wood grip plates on blued lower trigger assembly. Blued upper receiver that is in de-milled parts. Bolt, springs, heat shield and rear adjustable sights. Mismatched numbers on parts, see photos. Magazine is marked: MUH 214 MP44 CHN. Check Local/State laws on HIGH CAPACITY magazines before bidding. Parts Kit, No FFL required and ships to buyers home.
Condition: Good/Very good with touches of metal oxidation and parts covered in cosmoline. Stock has KS lightly carved into the right side. Clean rifled bore.
Barrel Length: 16.5″
Serial: 9714 208R 9675ua 7251ny14
Manufacturer: C.G. Haenel
Caliber: 7.92x33mm Kurz
Model: STG 44 MP44 MP43
Year-Range 1938-1943