A built gattling gun using the Calico “Two Twenty Two” kit, essentially tying in two Ruger 10/22 rifles and using a crank to rapid fire both guns at the same time. Kit is built and guns look complete and ready to fire. Has large front sight with aircraft type rear cross hair. Heat shields. Cast iron tripod. Single pistol grip and trigger connected to a cam mechanism to fire as crank is turned. Includes two 10rd magazines and appears to accept any Ruger 10/22 mags. Must Ship to FFL, Check local law for legalities of “Assault weapons” BEFORE placing a bid.

Condition: Very good. Only concern is a split clamp at the end of the barrels with the sight on it, but should still function without issue. Functions as designed when cranked. Finish looks good overall with some scuffs and scrapes near muzzle from storage.