Extremely rare second empire French military rifle chambered for the Lefaucheau 9mm Pin-fire Cartridge. This is the first Military Small-bore breechloader. Unusual Underhammer action with combined mainspring and trigger guard. This rifle was invented by General Treuille de Bealieu of the French Ordinance with suggestions from Napoleon III. This Rifle was developed as the Mousketoon des Cent Gardes which were a special body of mounted troops created by Napoleon III as personal Body-Guards. Very few of these rifles are known, and are very rarely offered for sale in The United States. This example is accompanied by various newsletters, photographs and letters from the previous owner, including a letter from Herschel C. Logan Editor of the American Rifleman Magazine. Last known sale was Christies Auction in New York 10/2010 sale price $10,000.

Octagonal to round 31.5″ barrel with four groove rifling. This example bears proof and military markings to the left side of the breech, and the underside of the center brass barrel band. The original brass Medallion for Ecole De L’rtillirie et du Cente and the Number H 82 is affixed to the stock rear. The stock and front sight are further marked with the number 91. Original rear elevation sight is present. Function is excellent and smooth. Bore is bright and clean. Stock exhibits contact marks and bruises, but no visible damage or repairs. Brass mounts show contact marks and developing patina. Barrel, and action areas are in the white, with developing brown and yellow patina. Overall Excellent condition for such a rare and early firearm.

*Antique, No FFL needed