Description This lot is for five individual bayonets. The first one is a bayonet for a Japanese Arisaka with Kokura Arsenal markings. Straight quillon with a 15 3/4″ blued blade and a overall length of 20″. Comes with metal scabbard. The second is a Modelo Argentina 1909 Mauser Sword Bayonet, stamped with Weyersberg, Kirschbaum Solingen on side of the blade and Argentine crest on the other side. Wood grips and steel crossguard. Has a 15 3/4″ blade and a overall length of 20 1/2″. The third appears to be an Australian pattern 1907 bayonet, marked with XOA and an upward arrow on the blade and marked SLAZ42 on the handle. Has a 17″ blade with and 21 3/4″ overall length. The fourth is an Italian m1891 Carcano bayonet with a Terni proof mark. Has a 11 3/4″ blade and an overall length of 16 1/4″. Comes with leather scabbard. The fifth is and unknown/unmarked bayonet with a 11 3/4″ blade and an over length of 16 3/4″. Comes with metal scabbard.
Condition: Good with scuffs, scratches, small cracks in handles, metal oxidation/pitting and handling wear.
Manufacturer: Terni/Kokura Arsenal/Weye