Description R. Famage bolt action rifle chambered in .30-06. Rifle features a 23″ barrel with dovetailed front blade and tangent rear sight, straight bolt and smooth hardwood stock with steel butt plate. Right side of receiver is marked “R.FAMAGE / 1952”, top bears Eagle crest with “LIBERTAD JORDEN” banner, bolt has mismatched numbers and top of rear receiver is marked “.30” indicating caliber. No import marks visible. Ships to FFL/C&R only.
Condition: Overall Good condition with little finish remaining on the barrel forward of the top guard, barrel bands, trigger guard and base plate. The receiver shows thinning on the high points. Stock has scattered dings, a small gouge on the left side and the top cover has a split behind the rear sight.
Barrel Length: 23″
Serial: F08447
Manufacturer: R. Famage
Year: 1952
Caliber: .30-06
Model: Mauser