Description This lot is for five assorted long guns in as-found condition. The first is a Diana 48/50 BB-Gun in .177 caliber with a single round capacity and a 17″ barrel. Made in Germany. The second is a Sears & Roebuck model 126 BB-Gun with a 12″ barrel. The third is a Victory Trainer dummy rifle marked 212. The fourth is a U.S. Springfield 1873 trapdoor in 45-70 with a single round capacity and a 30″ barrel. The fifth is a Bridesburg 1863 with Needham conversion in .58 caliber with a 37″ barrel. Antique and Non-Gun and ships to buyers home NO FFL required.
Condition: Poor with heavy wear, broken damaged parts and heavy metal oxidation. The bores have a grain to them. Sold AS-IS.
Barrel Length: 17″ 12″ 30″ 37″
Manufacturer: Diana Sears Roebuck Bride
Caliber: 45-70 .177
Model: 48/50 126 1863 1873