Stunning Winchester 21 in the scarce .410 bore 26″ barreled shotgun has a red bead front sight on top of the matte vent rib. Marked “CUSTOM BUILT BY WINCHESTER” on rib. Underside of barrel is marked “WINCHESTER PROOF STEEL” with chokes, “MOD” and “IMP CYL” Breech and release lever have scroll work, Receiver is adorned with scroll and game scene following the Winchester no. 4 pattern. Left side has ducks taking to flight, underside has two dogs pointing, and right side has grouse in flight. Single gold selective trigger and automatic tang safety. Selective ejectors. Barrels and water tables appropriately marked with Winchester proof. Water table has lightening cuts. Gorgeous AAA fancy American walnut stock and beavertail foregrip are beautifully hand checkered. Butt is also checkered. No markings on it by CT Shotgun Mfg or any indication, other than late serial, that CT Shotgun had any hand in its construction. Box and label appears authentic. Condition: Near New, no appreciable wear. Does not look fired outside of factory. Only flaw is on underside of barrel, under fore end, are two spots (1/2″ in size) of old very minor pitting, probably from storage. Underside of the receiver has one screw that may have been tightened/loosened… very minor and almost undetectable. Covered in original shipping grease.