A rarity among Lever action and Colt Collectors alike: With less than 6500 ever made, and less than 40% of those with a full round barrel. Colt Burgess Model Lever action Light Carbine Rifle with 20″ Round Barrel, Front Blade and Rear ladder sights. Saddle Ring, walnut stocks. Shipped August 7th 1884 to E.C. Meacham Arms Co, of St, Louis Missouri (with current configuration) as confirmed by an included Colt Archive Letter. Condition: A threaded barrel extension has been welded to the muzzle and is fitted for a period Maxim Suppressor (not included). The barrel and receiver retain trace amounts of original finish and have a freckled grey/brown patina. The action and function is smooth. The bore is gritty, grainy, and pitted. There is a 3″ crack to the right side fore stock, and both stocks exhibit lots of field use, bruises, dings, scratches etc. Stocks may have been cleaned or sanded at some point. *ANTIQUE