Chinese SKS in 7.62mm with a “10” round internal magazine box and a 16.5″ barrel made around 1956. The serial number on this rifle dictates this rifle to be a “Sino-Soviet SKS made in the “Jianshe Arsenal” in China. Imported by “N.A. Co. Ridgefield NJ”. Butt stock is in excellent condition with its original factory cleaning kit still within the butt plate door. The butt plate is not well fitted to the rifle. One piece wooden stock is in very good condition with light scuffs and scratches throughout. Butt stock is imprinted with a proof on the right side bottom with a small circle with the letters “L J” inside. Receiver has light handling wear and a few light scuffs to the finish. Bolt is clean and free of damage. Adjustable rear sight is in excellent functioning condition. Rifles magazine box and trigger are in very good condition with light wear no finish damage. Mag box and trigger were poorly refinished in China with a touch of paint runoff onto the wood. Bayonet has been removed to accommodate the shorter barrel. The barrel and front sight are in excellent clean functioning condition. Spotless rifled bore and smooth action. All matching serial numbers on this one. This semi-automatic rifle is C&R eligible.