Description UPDATE: Added pict of gas tube. it is an original type with a non matching serial. World War II Berlin-Lubecker Gewehr 43 (G43) semi auto rifle chambered in 8MM. This example with serial 7419e and manufactured in 1944 at the Berlin-Lubecker Machine Factory with wartime code “duv 44″ features a 22” barrel with raised ramp front sight and tangent rear sight graduated to 1200 meters, “7419e G.43 duv 44.” marked receiver with a rough cast matching numbered bolt carrier with hollow cocking knob, hold-open catch, integral scope rail and lamented stock and handguard. The receiver is proofed “Eagle / 214” and the bolt is marked “7419e”. The stock has been sanded but a faint eagles is visible on the left side of the butt (WaA code illegible). The magazine is marked “aye Eagle/Illegible WaA K43”. There are no import marks visible. Ships to FFL/C&R.
Condition: This metal on this rifle is in Very Good condition showing some finish loss on the barrel, high spots and wear points. . The bore is bright with sharp rifling and the action functions as expected. The cleaning rod is missing.
Barrel Length: 22″
Serial: 7419e
Manufacturer: Berlin-Lubecker
Year: 1944
Caliber: 8MM
Model: G43