Description This lot is for two side by side Belgian Hammered pistols. The first with no visible maker marks in and unknown caliber and two 3.5″ barrels. Muzzle Loader Percussion pistol with two hammers and two triggers. The second with no visible maker marks in an unknown caliber with two 3.5″ barrels. Double hammers and double triggers Pinfire pistol. Factory engraved. Front post sight. Antique, No FFL required and ships to buyers home.
Condition: Good with finish wear/loss and metal oxidation. The engraved pistol has a very light grain to the rifled bores. The other has a moderate grain to the smooth bores. SOLD AS-IS.
Barrel Length: 3.5″ 3.5″
Serial: NVSN
Manufacturer: Unknown
Caliber: Unknown
Model: SxS Pistol