Description Japanese Arisaka Type 38 in 6.5x50mmR with a five round capacity and a 24″ barrel. Textured rubber recoil pad. Monte Carlo Style smooth wood stock. Blued guard, smooth trigger, magazine floor plate, receiver and barrel. Rear bolt twist safety. Rear left side of receiver located bolt release. No fixed sights. Mounted with a Weaver Model 300 scope with cloudy glass and a post reticle. Must ship to a C&R or FFL holder.
Condition: Good/Very good with the rifle being re-blued at some point. Missing the fixed sights. The stock has been replaced. Clean rifled bore.
Barrel Length: 24″
Serial: 73981
Manufacturer: Nagoya Arsenal Japan
Caliber: 6.5x50mmR
Model: 38
Year-Range 1923-1945