Description Based on a Ruger Mk II, the Amphibian is manufactured by AWC Systems with the suppressor built in to an extension of the barrel. Multiple agencies have a history of its use and is a proven design. Barrel/silencer measures 9.5″ total with common Ruger front and rear sights. All metal surfaces finished in a gray parkerized steel color. Takes the common heel release Mk II mags. Includes 6 magazines, scope and mount. Currently on a Form 3 for quick/easy transfer to your local dealer. NFA Item, THIS ITEM REQUIRES A $200 TAX STAMP AND APPROVAL BY THE ATF NFA BRANCH PRIOR TO PURCHASER TAKING POSESSION.
Condition: Excellent. Numerous scuffs that are typically found on parkerized finish but free of any dings, nicks or deep scratches. Mechanically excellent.
Barrel Length: 9.5″ total
Serial: A-091 & 216-03366
Manufacturer: AWC Systems / Ruger
Caliber: .22 LR
Model: Mk II Amphibian