This lot is for eight mixed brands of 44 magnum ammunition. The majority is, two large boxes of Speer 44 magnum Shot Shell ammunition with 38 full boxes of six rounds with a total of 228 loaded Shot Shell rounds. Winchester 44 REM Magnum 240 grain jacketed soft point with 40 in the box. PMC 44 REM Magnum 240 grain semi-wadcutter with 44 in the box. One Remington box with mixed 44 Magnum ammunition marked Super X 44 Magnum, REM UMC 44 Magnum and R-P 44 REM Magnum with 50 rounds in the box. Two full boxes of Federal 44 Remington Magnum with 50 in each box with one partial box with 42 rounds for a total of one 142 Federal rounds. A total 504 factory rounds. Boxes are in very good condition. Check local/State laws on ammunition. No FFL or ammunition license required in most States and ships to buyers home.

Condition: New Old Stock. Sold AS-IS.