Description This lot is for two black powder Flintlocks. The first is a Ardesa Spain made .54 caliber flintlock muzzle loader with a single round capacity and a 28″ octagonal barrel. Brass butt plate, trigger guard and front barrel band. Smooth wood stock. Set trigger. Case colored lock plate, hammer and frizzen. Under barrel wooden and brass push/cleaning rod. Rear adjustable and front fixed blade sight. The second is a ELG marked Belgian made smooth bore shotgun measuring 22mm at the bore. Brass butt plate and front barrel band. Smooth wood stock. Smooth trigger and metal guard, hammer and frizzen. Under barrel push rod. Front brass bead foxed sight. Metal loop for a shoulder sling. Black Powder, No FFL required and ships to buyers home.
Condition: Good/Very good with light scratches and metal oxidation. The shotgun is missing its butt stock sling loop attachment. The rifled bore on the Spanish rifle has a light grain to it. The smooth bore Belgian has a very light grain to it.
Barrel Length: 28″ 33″
Serial: 017601 E123
Manufacturer: Ardesa Spain ELG Belgium
Caliber: 54
Model: Black Powder Muzzle Loader