Description Two black powder muzzle loading long guns. The first is a Armi Sport cap & ball made in Italy in .58 caliber with a single round capacity and a 32″ barrel. Brass butt plate, trigger guard and front barrel band. Under barrel cleaning/push rod. Front right side of barrel fixed bayonet lug. Rear adjustable flip up and front fixed blade sight. Mounted with a leather shoulder sling. The second is a Lazaro Lazarino Flintlock in an unknown caliber with a 40″ barrel. Metal butt plate, hammer and frizzen. Under barrel cleaning/push rod. Metal loops for mounting a shoulder sling. Black Powder muzzleloader, No FFL required and ships to buyers home.
Condition: Good/Very good with light scratches and metal oxidation. The Armi Sport has a light grain to the rifled bore. The Lazaro has a very light grain to the smooth bore.
Barrel Length: 32″ 40″
Serial: E11990 15
Manufacturer: Armi Sport Lazaro Lazarin
Caliber: 58
Model: Black Powder Muzzleloader