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Antique Firearms Appraisals for Estate Gun Collections

Connecticut Firearms Appraises and Evaluates Antique and Modern guns. We offer a variety of antique gun appraisal services to fit your needs:

At Connecticut Firearms, we understand that the historical value of firearms cannot be measured by their age alone. We take into consideration the gun’s history, rarity, condition, and other factors to provide an accurate valuation. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in appraising firearms and can ensure that you receive a fair and accurate appraisal. Whether you are looking to sell or insure your firearms, our top-level appraisals provide comprehensive documentation and support for your needs. Don’t settle for just any appraisal service, trust Connecticut Firearms Auction for accurate valuations of your historical firearms.

If you would like an informal, verbal appraisal for one or two guns, please contact us and make an appointment to meet with us at our facility during normal business hours. We can help you identify, value and grade a gun that you inherited, explain our auction services, or just give you some helpful information regarding a rare and historical family heirloom or collectors item

Antique Colt Revolver Appraised and sold at live auction
This Antique Colt SAA Revolver came to us during one of our appraisal days. It late sold at auction for $7,865

If you require firearm appraisals of a gun collection for probate of estate disbursement, Connecticut Firearms Auction can help. We offer a mid-level solution that can help you quickly get a collection inventoried and valued for probate or family disbursement. The guns are listed and described, then assigned a current fair-market value. We then present you with a basic spreadsheet for your use. Once decisions have been made about how to liquidate we can help you sell or transfer the collection to heirs. Fees to mid-level appraisals are quoted up front and are usually a flat rate for the project. Costs vary based on the size of the collection and the amount of travel and research needed.

Antique Firearms Appraisals Connecticut Firearms Auction
Antique Naval Blunderbuss – Appraised by Connecticut Firearms Auction

We also work with several certified and professional firearm appraisers to provide top-level appraisals for insurance and high detail identification of valuable firearms collections. National and Internationally certified appraisers visit your collection and take detailed notes, photographs and provide appraisals that meet USPAP standards.