About CT Firearms Auction

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Connecticut firearms auction specializes in estates and large collections. Servicing the New England area and beyond, we can come to you. We are professional, federally licensed gun brokers that can handle the liquidation of riles, pistols, and military weapons. Personal Service means that we can come to you and assist with the transportation and sale of your guns. 

Connecticut Firearms Auction specializes in estate and lifetime firearms collections. We offer probate and legal services, consulting, verbal and written appraisals for all types of weapons and military items. call us today for more information: 203-710-0189


About Auctioneer Ryan Brechlin


Ryan Brechlin is passionate about the auction business and it shows. He is a professional auctioneer, appraiser, and estate consultant. He began working with the family business; Nest Egg Auctions in the 1990’s and has held the position of primary auctioneer and appraiser since 2008. He has called over 500 Career Auctions for local Connecticut estates, non-profit organizations, and individual collections.  He appeared on and off camera for CPTV’s “Connecticut Treasure Hunt” televised appraisal events. He has made appearances With Brad Davis and Ed Says on WRDC, along with the Anna and Raven Morning Show on Star 99.9 as an appraiser and estate consultant. He conducts informal walkthrough appraisals for Connecticut estates every week, and has strong knowledge of modern and antique firearms, art and antiques. He also conducts live appraisal events for local groups in both lecture and private road-show style events. His interest in shooting sports began as a Boy Scout with firearms safety and target shooting. That interest evolved into a lifelong interest in collecting antique and modern guns. As a woodsman, he has been exploring the woods and water of New England for over 30 years.

Thomas Selmont Firearms Specialist

About Specialist Tom Selmont

Tom is a lifelong resident of Connecticut and lives with his wife Sandy and their two young children.  Working in the Central Connecticut area for most of his professional career Tom is known as an entrepreneur; operating successful businesses and an inventor, holding multiple US Patents and Federal Licenses. 

Tom is also very active in the community.  He is an avid outdoorsman and sportsman club member, enjoying the outdoors and holds a deep appreciation for the environment.  Civically he is a member of Hiram Lodge No. 1 and actively partakes in its community service programs.  For over a decade he has also served as an associate member and firefighter at the West Ridge Fire Association in North Haven.  Tom has also spent many years responding as an Emergency Medical Technician for Nelson Ambulance in North Haven.

Professionally he deals and appraises firearms, munitions, and related of all kinds with strengths in “New Vintage” or newly collectible firearms from the Mid 50’s to 1991 (Vietnam era to Gulf war). He alone has the better part of a decade in firearms experience.