Connecticut Firearms auction specializes in the sale and liquidation of antique firearms and used guns from estates and large collections.

We believe that our process is the best way to sell antique and modern guns. The key to realizing the best prices when selling antique and used guns is to reach the largest possible marketplace.

Connecticut Firearms Auction is centrally located in Berlin CT. We have easy access to all of New England and strong relationships with clients here in the United States, plus a growing group of international exporters and importers, collectors and dealers. We bring the best possible collectors guns, hunting rifles, antique firearms, military relics, and historical artifacts to live auction through a unique process.

  • Collections and lots are brought into our modern auction gallery for evaluation
  • A contract is created and we agree to terms
  • firearms are legally transferred and properly inventoried
  • Collections are safely stored in our secure vault
  • We professionally catalog and photograph auction lots to make your collection look great to potential buyers
  • a catalog is assembled and published online in the weeks leading up to the auction
  • We advertise using social media, print media, our dedicated e-mail list, our modern optimized website and through targeted direct mailings to specialized buyers
  • We utilize the largest live and online bidding platforms available today with an audience well over one million buyers
  • On live auction days we merchandise and display guns in our auction facility for preview
  • after the auction we utilize secure modern payment methods and collect funds on behalf of our clients
  • all firearms are safely and securely shipped to eligible buyers, dealers and collectors
  • once the auction is complete and settled we prepare a detailed report and make payment to our clients

From start to finish, the Professionals at Connecticut Firearms auction will guide you through the process of selling at live auction:

Any Fees and charges are explained up front and outlined in writing before the auction. We are Federally licensed and we follow all federal state and local gun laws. We only sell guns to eligible buyers who have completed proper background checks. We are committed to safety and observe and follow the rules for safe and responsible handling and display of firearms.